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Pastoral Care & Coaching

WHat is Pastoral Care?

Our goal is to help people where they are at, to assist them in identifying spiritual issues, find strategies for moving forward, and connecting them with resources and next steps. This can involve local church programs, counseling, or discipleship coaching. The hope is to help you find the path that God has for you.

Who we are

Our Pastoral Care & Coaching ministry is made up of experienced ministers from across the country. Our aim is to connect you with the best resources possible, local or remote, and find programs that fit with your personal and spiritual goals. 

Next Steps

Once you fill out our contact form, we can reach out and get more information. A pastoral caregiver will set up the best time and means to talk and we can make a plan that works for you. There is no fee for services, but we ask people to pray about donating, to partner with us in helping more people to take the next step towards God, whatever that might be. 

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